5 Great Questions to Ask a Furniture Salesperson!

5 Great Questions to Ask a Furniture Salesperson!

Today's shoppers are less likely to consider talking to a furniture salesperson when buying new furniture pieces. We can assume that's because not only are today's buyers well informed, with all the information they need readily available to them but also because of the bad reputation all salespeople have for pressuring their clients into large purchases. Despite the stereotype a furniture salesperson can turn into the biggest asset you have when buying furniture both online and in stores.

Here are the top five questions you should ask a furniture salesperson for the best possible shopping experience:

What Are Your Guarantees and Warranties?

Sometimes we just don’t want to wait for an upcoming sale, or we need the furniture as soon as possible. Knowing that a store has a 12-month price guarantee, and that the store has an upcoming sale in 8-months will help you get a partial refund eventually saving you money.

Do You Offer Customization Options, and Will it Cost Extra?

If you want a stunning one-of-a-kind show piece instead of a commonly massed produced product you will want to know what your options are for customization. Other times you just can't stand the feel of the fabric type and want a replacement fabric or even a leather upgrade. Either way knowing the options available to you will help you get what you want and knowing any additional costs will help you stay in budget.

What Happens If Things Go Wrong?

Similar to the warranties and guarantees it is necessary to know what to do if you change your mind or if the furniture gets damaged during the move. If a store has a no return policy available, you may get stuck with piece of furniture you no longer want.

How and Where Is Your Furniture Made?

Knowing where and how the furniture is made will help you determine the value of the furniture a store is selling. Ask where the furniture is made, what material is used and where that material is sourced from. 

How Do You Deliver and What Options Do I Have?

In many cases your family car will not fit the new furniture piece or pieces you wish to purchase. While most companies provide delivery at a cost some do offer free shipping with shipping upgrade such as white glove delivery into your home with installation included.

Now that you have your list of questions, and why they're important go out there and get the perfect bedroom piece for your home. 

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