The Furniture Essentials for Every Bedroom

The Furniture Essentials for Every Bedroom

Your bedroom is arguably the most important part of your home. It can be your sanctuary, an at home retreat and it’s the first place you go for a most deserved rest at the end of a long day.

Whether you are starting from nothing or reinventing your current room there are hundreds of options to choose from making this task a little daunting, so we decided to put together a quick guide to get you started.

The Bedframe

The very first thing you need to consider buying for your bedroom is the bed, or more specifically the bedframe for your mattress. To start, measure your space and decide where you want the bed to go in your room. Consider the size of the room and the space needed for you (and your partner) to sleep peacefully and has enough space to walk to either side of the bed to decide the perfect sized bedframe for your room.

When deciding the location of your bed note where the windows are. The last thing you’ll want to do is block the natural light and more importantly the access to the window which allows for fresh air into the room.

If you can’t afford or accommodate a full-sized bed a simple headboard will not only provide you with added support but also add to the character of the room which will function as a focal point of the rooms design.

Lastly, the size, color, and texture all play a key role in bedroom design and will help you decide on the remaining furniture needs of the room as well as accent pieces and décor.

The Nightstand

The nightstand, also known as a bedside table, is a decorative furnishing with the purpose to stash away your nighttime essentials and keep them in arms reach. Varying in size, shape, and function your nightstand has the potential to be the next focal point drawing attention from the bedframe with use of accent table lamps, books or even a tray.


The Armoire

No bedroom will ever be complete without the armoire and dresser combo. While both are used for storage in the bedroom the two furniture pieces slightly differ from one another. Adding both depth and contrast to your room.


The Armoire is larger and bulkier than a dresser and houses a hanging space for your clothing. As it requires a ton of space in your room ensure you measure the area in which the piece will house.

The Dresser

Also known as a chest of drawers, is a must have bedroom essential. Like the armoire the dresser stores clothing but without a hanging space. Instead, the dresser often features a mirror and/or other accent designs making it one of the statement pieces of the room.

The Mattress

Is the last thing you will need for your bed and by our opinion the most important. Sleep is essential to your health and without a great mattress which fits your needs sleep can be well…difficult to come by. Which is why investing your time and money in the perfect mattress is necessary for your perfect home sanctuary.

Our tips are to check the firmness and structure of the mattress that supports your weight and preferred sleeping position. You can choose among five types – latex, airbed, hybrid, innerspring, or foam. Before buying a mattress, try to lie down on the mattress for at least 10 minutes. This will allow you to feel how it contorts to and supports your body.

Mattress Pad

Next, a mattress pad is not only going to protect your mattress from liquid spills but also you from allergies, bug bites and other health problems. Don’t forget to note of the thread count, the higher the count the more durable the mattress pad.

The Window Coverings

Windows are great for natural light but for those like us natural light comes too early in the morning. Making curtains or panels one of our top requirements when considering the design and style of the room.


The Storage

Storage Solutions in the bedroom is essential because creating a clutter-free space is necessary for any sanctuary. No one wants to try to relax in a messy room, so finding the perfect accents to hold all your belongings will keep you mess free and also provide focal points to a room and enhance the feel and style of the room.

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